I like to lead by example. Over the years both Ben and I have had coaches ourselves and seen other coaches work. I selected the best bits from each coach and implemented them into my coaching methods. For me the most important aspect of our coaching philosophy is work/life balance, a happy athlete is a motivated athlete therefor an improving athlete. Communication is key and the best part of my job is the relationship we have with our athletes.

BandJRacing Training offers a range of triathlon, cross triathlon and mountain biking coaching services for all abilities of athletes from professional to novice. We are based all around the world. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our athletes are treated, as individuals offering a tailored environment and structure to enable them to achieve their personal goals, be that finishing their first cross triathlon through to Age Group ITU World or Xterra Championship qualification.



Finding a balance

We appreciate the demands of balancing modern day life so our flexible approach ensures that you maximize the hours you are able to dedicate to your training.

What we can offer

Here at BandJRacing we are able to offer the best triathlon-training program: from daily workouts tailored to you, to unlimited contact with your coach by email, FB messenger to telephone, as well as nutritional advice. We also run various group training sessions throughout the year for all 3 disciplines as well as a number of training camps (both in the UK, Australia and abroad) that are designed to both push our athletes forward and also to have a great time doing it!

Want to know more? To find out more about working with us please email us direct on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





Kerrie  Muir:

“I have been with BandJ Racing since November 2015. Been coached by Jacqui and Ben has been undeniably one of the biggest contributors to my success as a Cross Triathlete. Working with them has given me the confidence to try different things; how to reset when things don’t go as planned and that taking myself outside my comfort zone while hard, has made me a better athlete. Jacqui and Ben individualise my training program to ensure personalised goals are reached whether this is for specific races or help improve on my weaknesses on the MTB. They have a passion for knowing each of their athletes individually and structure the training program on how to get the most effective performances out of us and have the mantra that hard work then becomes easy work.  Under their guidance and mentoring I have gone onto become Australian Cross National Champion and won third place in the ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships at Lake Crackenback Australia for my age-group in 2016. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my training with BandJ Racing in the upcoming seasons.”


Niki Hale:

“I met Jacqui and Ben a few days before my first offroad triathlon. I had been competing in regular triathlons for years, but I was finding off-road a real challenge. After a short mtb skills session, I think Jacqui’s assistance took an hour off my mtb time. I was hooked, so I signed up to the B&J program by correspondence, qualified for the ITU Cross Worlds, and came in the top 20 in my Age Group. Thanks Ben and Jacqui”

Elizabeth Mutton:

“I started training with B&J Racing at the end of last year. I love the variety of the sessions and the support that Jacqui and Ben give me in everything that I do. I have seen improvements in all of my legs since training with B&J Racing. They have created a positive and supportive team environment which I love being a part of.”

Ruth Owen-Evans:

‘I’ve been coached by Ben and Jacqui at B&J racing since the autumn of 2015.  I was very much a novice triathlete at that point as I was making the transition over from Mountain Bike racing.  Since then I have received expert advice, guidance and training plans to enable me to podium at age group level and qualify for the ITU and Xterra World Championships.  Support is tailored to the individual and allows for other commitments that you have in your life, but enable you to make the best out of the time you have available.  Although most of the coaching is electronic, I receive regular feedback on my training sessions and catch up every so often on the phone.  Where possible Ben and Jacqui are also on hand at races to give some extra tips and help and this has been invaluable.  Ben and Jacqui are always smiling and very friendly and approachable and this helped a great deal when I was new to the sport, but also when finding things tough going.  The great thing about B&J racing is that they are athletes themselves and know exactly what it takes to train hard and strive for your goals, whatever level they may be at.  Their unwavering support and encouragement, combined with their training plans makes me a stronger, more resilient and more confident athlete everyday. Thank you Ben & Jacqui!’