XTERRA Sharing Tour China, Nanning / Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Kunming……


      Guangxi Nanning

On the evening of June 3, XTERRA Sharing with Triathletes from Guangxi Nanning, China

The First XTERRA Sharing event was in Nanning, China and it was an amazing experience to share my journey with likeminded people who are intrigued by XTERRA… The objective was to introduce and share, what is XTERRA and to hopefully inspire them to be part of the XTERRA community…

 Next up, Shenzhen, China

The next day, we flew to Shenzhen. There we where joined by Para-Olympian Wang Jiachao. Another XTERRA Sharing event to more athletes looking to find out about XTERRA. Jiajiao is an amazing person and athlete, he shared his own experiences in XTERRA and explain a vivid three-dimensional way about how he tackles XTERRA.

Jiachao (Orange Shirt) Amazing insight into his Experiences in Life, Triathlon & XTERRA

The interaction was enthusiastic. Everyone asking questions and the answers gave a more comprehensive understanding of XTERRA’s events, culture and spirit of the sport.

    Hong Kong

XTERRA team traveled to Hong Kong. At the Hong Kong the Sharing Session, there was many interactions and laughs, as I was challenged by participants to explore the reasoning behind why XTERRA has had an impact on my life…

Sharing guest Wang Jiachao also shared his experience of the competition and the thoughts of XTERRA along the way. “XTERRA is not only to complete a competition, but also to draw the strength of dare to fight. And constantly challenge yourself to climb the peak and see another different, Live More spirit, Jiachao”

Kunming, China

Lastly on the XTERRA China Tour was, a kids Bike Clinic and XTERRA China Clinic. The future of the sport in China is safe as there are some very fast and talented kids who love to ride bikes! We spent the whole day teaching the kids how to ride the balance/push bikes and at the end they had a elimination race for prize money and trophies.

The days following I spent educating and sharing my experiences, firsthand at Kunming, home of the XTERRA China event. Here I helped athletes develop a better understanding of XTERRA through an intensive 2 day MTB, Run and Swim Clinic…