Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a World Class Professional Triathlete with over a decade of racing experience. He specialises in the non-drafting format of Triathlon, from  70.3 Ironman, Long Distance and the XTERRA World Off-Road Triathlon Tour. Ben is based in Wollongong, Australia and from April through to October he joins the World’s Elite Endurance Athletes in Europe and America.


Nickname: Benno, Bench, Benny, Benji & Benjamin

Date Of Birth: 19th January 1985

Resides: Wollongong & Lake Crackenback, Australia and European Besancon, France, Stoke on Trent, UK and America Boulder & Park City.

Favourite Foods: Mexican

Favourite Pastimes: Surfing trips, reading, hanging out with friends, travel and baking

Dislikes: Flat surf, littering and coming off my bike

Most Influential People: Family (Loved ones, who help me through the up’s and down’s) & anyone inspiriting to be the best.!