XTERRA Danao, Philippines APAC

A race where you can gain everything or lose everything….

Ben and Jacqui where one of the very first athletes to head to the Philippines back in 2012 to race in Liloan, Cebu and it was Ben who convinced Jacqui his “girlfriend” at the time to follow him on an epic journey to race all over Asia. They where humbled by the Filipino’s kind hospitality and smiles on there faces. To this very day both Ben and Jacqui LOVE everything about the Philippines.

BUT, racing hasn’t always been that kind to them. Jacqui gives a recap about her frustration on the race course the last few years….

Jacqui’s Recap:

Sunday was my 6th consecutive year competing at Xterra Philippines. I’m starting to believe this race has some weird curse over me. Here’s a recap of my last 6 years in the Philippines:
2012 – Liloan 2nd place – Just a rookie, thrilled
2013 – Liloan 4th place multiple flat tyres 1 hour behind the women’s leader Les Patterson disappointed but in great shape and hungry for more
2014 -Liloan 4th place died in the heat not my best race but managed to cross the finish line
2015 – Albay 2nd place behind Flora Duffy super race for me all went smoothly whooop whoop
2016 – Albay 2nd place behind Lizzie early season race solid performance apart from a minor face plant into the black volcanic sand the attached photo is very funny
2017 – Xterra Danao newly married great shape loving life, DNF virus, heat stroke, race ended in an ambo on IV, confidence took a huge knock
2018- Xterra Danao Great shape lying in a good position and feeling great 20kms into bike hard crash unable to continue the ride DNF again devastated
2019 – I might stay in bed and wrap myself in cotton wool😉

I have a love/hate relationship with this race, Sunrise events always impress and always make me want to come back for more but now after Sunday I feel like it will never be my race. Right now I’ve suffered some injuries that may not allow me to train for a few days therefor I need to focus on getting the body in good enough shape to put some sessions together before heading out to Xterra Tahiti and then Staffordshire 70.3 in June 10th. Follow the process don’t focus on the ultimate goal. #onestepatatime

Ben’s Recap:

6 years racing in the Philippines and I seem to be getting worse, not being able to exacute a race I’m happy or proud of. My preparation and attention to detail is on point and I have trained no different to previous years…

My coaches and my team won’t stop working hard in turning this around. I know I’m better than that and it’s only a matter of time before things start to click.

I feel there’s a grand plan for me, but I must learn to deal with this situation before I can move forward.

Don’t worry Philippines I’ll be back again with a different attitude and mindset…

Results 2018:

Ben: 4th

Jacqui: DNF